Compound is a thesis-driven, research-centric investment firm. We invest at the early-stage across often deeply technical and science-driven areas. We have been investing in crypto since 2016 and have backed some of the largest protocols in the world at the earliest stages including The Graph, Compound, Arbitrum, Dapper Labs, Blockstack, Livepeer, Kadena, and others.


Our approach is centered around being a crypto-native firm that publishes private and public research in order to innovate on the frontier of thinking within the broader crypto industry.

This research enables us to continue to build theses, while working with founders to develop novel mechanisms and primitives for long-term value accrual in their projects or protocols. Examples of this include our thinking on topics such as Adjacent Governance, using illiquidity as a tool, Governance Vote Farming, network value dynamics, and much more.

the team

Michael Dempsey

Managing Partner

David Hirsch

General Partner



John Palmer

Venture Partner

Shelby Newsad


fund faq

A full FAQ on Compound Crypto can be found here.